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[...] 63 New APIs: Microsoft, TED, TripAdvisor and HP The APIs offer a wide range of functionality including the ability to create price comparisons, product search tools, dynamic product advertising material, access all the information from their own Publisher Account, list affiliate programs, … Read more on ProgrammableWeb (blog) [...]

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[...] 63 New APIs: Microsoft, TED, TripAdvisor and HP it can be integrated with an in-car device to keep track of the car's position, speed, route, and other information. INforAMA is provided by the HiGrids Foundation which is in the business of developing and implementing projects in the field of … Read more on ProgrammableWeb (blog) [...]

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[...] 63 New APIs: Microsoft, TED, TripAdvisor and HP Authorized affiliates can use the service to question the database, and get comprehensive information about any listings. The API allos permits affiliates to add multiple publications to basket, search many ISBNs, parse by shipping fee or star rating. Study far more on ProgrammableWeb (website) [...]

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[...] 63 New APIs: Microsoft, TED, TripAdvisor and HP [...]

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[...] functions handle transactions like physical products, website subscriptions, … Read more on ProgrammableWeb (blog)Who gives a tweet? a not-for-profit's guide to using Twitter Twitter is often described as [...]

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[...] and html5 video delivery. With the API users can encode videos as they are … Read more on ProgrammableWeb (weblog) Lastest Delivery (transfer) Pump NewsLastest Delivery (transfer) Pump NewsLastest Delivery [...]

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[...] 63 New APIs: Microsoft, TED, TripAdvisor and HP Example API approaches contain automating 3D printing and managing orders and account information. Public documentation is not offered interested developers must email for more data. CoboCards API: CoboCards is an on-line and … Read more on ProgrammableWeb (blog) [...]

63 New APIs: Microsoft, TED, TripAdvisor and HP