The fall season for many means football, but it also means gambling season for many degenerates. it took me until when I was approaching my mid twenties to realize how infatuated football fans are with gambling. if it is some type of office pool, fantasy football, or a straight up bet; football seems to bring out the Vegas in people. I will be honest, I am guilty of this. I believe fantasy football is fun and awesome, but it is not as interesting in there is nothing on the line. when I was younger I never cared about the point spread, even if I am not making a wager, I still like to see who is favored and by how much. I looked up who are the betting favorites to win the 2013 Super Bowl according to SBG Global Sportsbook. some are obvious and some are surprising.

The Obvious

The favorites thus far are the new England Patriots at 8 to 1 and the Green Bay Packers at 13 to 2. They are the favorites rightfully so because they arguably have the two best offenses in the league, they have two of the best quarterbacks in the league, and both have a great group of pass catchers. their only flaw is the defenses. Both were towards the bottom in defense in the NFL, but still posted the best record in their respective conference. Expect both teams to look for defensive players in the upcoming NFL Draft to help their struggling defenses.

The Surprise

The new Orleans Saints are currently 14 to 1, key word being currently. Not sure how the Saints have these odds with all the off season suspensions and possibly more to come. Head Coach Sean Payton is known for being a great “in game” offensive play caller, he will not be in the Saints sidelines all season. That is a big deal! Do not forget LB Jonathan Vilma and other defensive starters might be facing suspensions as well, hurting the chances for the Saints to win the Super Bowl.

The Baltimore Ravens are 16 to 1, which I believe is too low. The Ravens were one game; check that, one play away from making the Super Bowl last season. The Ravens are a young team on offense with players, such as, QB Joe Flacco, RB Ray Rice, and WR Torrey Smith. The defense has a few aging superstars, but are equipped with other young stout players, for example, LB Terrell Suggs and DT Haloti Ngata.

A value bet in my opinion is the Chicago Bears. The Bears are 20 to 1 coming off a season where they were contenders until injuries to two key offensive players; QB Jay Cutler and RB Matt Forte. The Bears made a big off season move trading for Pro Bowl WR Brandon Marshall, if Cutler and Forte can stay healthy, watch for the offense to be high powered next season. we know about the defense and special teams, with a good offense the Bears have a chance to be one of the most balanced teams in the NFL.

The reason the Bears are 20 to 1 is because they play in the same division as the Packers. We’ll see if that make a difference.

San Francisco 49ers

This can also be under the surprising category, SBG Global Sportsbook have the defending Super Bowl champion new York Giants as 16 to 1 and the Niners as 10 to 1. The Niners are only behind the Packers in the NFC when it comes to the Super Bowl odds. San Francisco is helped with the fact that the same defense will be coming back next season (one, if not the best defense in the NFL), great special teams, and a few offensive free agent pickups that could potentially boost the offense. also, they still are viewed as playing in a weak division (Arizona 50 to 1, Seattle 40 to 1, and St. Louis 75 to 1). I have said it once and I will say it again; the only phase that the Niners are missing from being an unstoppable team is the offense. One or two impactful offensive draft picks and the Niners are once again a 13-3 team, at least. Hopefully the Niners can handle expectations. GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Denver 12 to 1, Houston 12 to 1, Philadelphia 14 to 1, Dallas 22 to 1, Cleveland 150 to 1 (worst odds).

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San Francisco 49ers 2013 Super Bowl Odds… Are Very Good